American Express RTP

I really like the new American Express style.  So I studied the guidelines and dived in to the complex world of “it has to be green and use typography any way you want except for a some situations”.  This is the result. I’m especially very happy with the little airplane, wich converted extremely during the eyetracking user tests.

So why this webiste? This is part of the ‘realise the potential’ campaign. First we launched an ‘offline’ campaign to direct people to this website. from here they could read about the benefits of American Express. After signing up and withing the first 100 days, new clients received weekly emails with new benefits and point programs. I designed the site and all the emails and helped set up the initial user flow steps. From landing on the page to becoming client.

The American Express RTP Landingpage

The third page

The last page before the signup form