Together with Raoul Deleo who is a famous dutch illustrator awarded with the Art Directors Club Award we created his portfolio website in a joint effort.
The navigation of the website makes use of keyword searches. Navigating is much faster this way because more work can be added easily without altering the menu structure.
All the work, more then 1500 illustrations have been tagged and stored in the database. Also a shopping functionallity has been added. Making use of paypal.
The wesbite is a complex combination of XHTML, CSS and Flash elements and of course a large database. Take a look at the screenshots. Or visits the site:

Home landing with flash preview

Click on the box to enter the site

Latest news opens after clicked box

Check out the image page

Or check out more recent work

All images in recent work

In archive there is even more

and more..

again another single page. with many keywords and unque ID. You can click the image for fullsceeen high res comp.

Want to buy a print or tshirt?

Product page

Step 1 in purchase confirmation.

Want to browse a specific keyword?

Browse by year

Search descriptions and keywords combined

Extra info pages included