I was hired to optimize the web portals (,,, etc) and focus on monetization. So I looked at all the business processes, what tools had been used, how did advertising work. Searching for limits to be pushed. The game page with over 5+ million daily visitors was the first project.

Improved revenue to € 1,3M above Q1  target (+25,8%) (within 5 months)

What was changed?

As with most websites, they get bloated with features, people responsible leave the company and eventually its becomes unclear why performance is low.
For example on the old page, the game screen height was too big. It meant the bottom had to be scrolled in view. This resulted in scrolling banners out of view. To solve this issue, I made a new responsive layout, in which all elements needed to make the most revenue possible, where always in view.

Before playing a game, users need to watch a sponored video.  While negotiating with the adserver, users only got to a see spining “loading” icon. I noticed by looking at specific data, user dropped off on this point in the page loading flow.
I introduced an preview images of the game, giving the perception the site was not endlessly loading an ad. Exit rate decreased significantly.

I re-introduced walktrough videos. Made them as large as the game, and always a bit visible. Negotiated new terms with Veedi. Ad revenue on walktrough videos increase by 600%



other changes:

  • made the website compliant to new ad policy. (Always 150px between ads and game)
  • faster loading times
  • improved navigation
  • update similar games widget with improved algorithm, resulting in more game plays.

After the changes I finalized and update the visual design


The fina gamepage. After multiple iterations and adjustments.